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Cat silhouette_BLUEWe seek loving, quality, permanent homes to adopt our animal friends into.


All of our cats are current on vaccinations, had a FIV test & are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.


For the care provided prior to adoption, we request a donation of $85 for cats.  If the pet is too young for spaying/neutering prior to adoption, we require an additional "promise deposit" of $50 which is returnable upon completion of spaying/neutering. 


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18 thoughts on “Available Cats

  1. Do you have a 2 year old cat named Moses John?  I saw him at Petsmart West some time back and thought about adopting him but didn't think my current cat would get along with another.  My cat has been diagnosed with cancer so I'll be looking for another cat soon.

    • I have a beautiful cat (kitten) that needs a loving home, medium haired, orange & white, she just doesn’t get along with my other cats, she is feral but loves being indoors, its amazing how much, & she loves to play. Searching for a good home.

    • I have a beautiful cat (kitten) that needs a loving home, medium haired, orange & white, she just doesn’t get along with my other cats, she is feral but loves being indoors, its amazing how much, & she loves to play. Searching for a good home. Her name changed from prince Harry to Harriet & we call her Harri. Bad weather coming, hope someone will take her.

  2. I have two cats that I need to find a new home for. They are both about 8 years old.  One is a Pixie Bob, named Toby.  He is a beautiful cat and very playful.  The other is Cowley Cat, he is white with black spots and looked like a little cow when he was a kitten, hence the name.  He is more of a lap cat and loves to follow you around.  They are both spayed and declawed in the front but have their back claws.  They are both indoor cats only.  We really love them but we are moving and are not able to take them with us.  Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

  3. I have a 4 yr old male calico with feline bladder disease. KHS won’t take him b/c he requires special food. I can’t imagine ending his life b/c he is such an amazing cat. Would you be able to help us?

  4. I'm interested in the Tiffany and Tillie kittens. Are they still available and how old are they. Also this is an odd question but are they talkative like normal Siamese? We lost our Siamese mix and miss her conversations.

  5. I have a sweet 1 year old DSH stray calico cat named Everly.  I have had the following services done for her:   Spayed, has a negative test for FEL/FIV, a Home Again ISO microchip, 1 year rabies,  FVRCP #1 and  Leukemia #1.  She will need a booster of FVRCP and Leukemia.  She is not declawed.  I am looking for her forever home.  Please email me or reply to this message if you are interested.  Since I work at a vet clinic, I will ask to see updated shot records on any animals that you may have currently.

    • Is Everly a female?  I would love to see pics if there are any available.  We have 2 dogs but they have never bothered our other cat.  (Daisy recently passed.)

      thank you,


  6. I have been to Lapps on several occasions to volunteer with grooming on some of the kitties. The cats at this loving shelter really pull on my heart strings. There are so many extremely loving and beautiful  kitties there that have been dropped off for various reasons and are desperate for love and human companionship. Don't get me wrong, the volunteers are wonderful and are never to busy to give a scratch under the chin or sit on the floor while they climb in their lap for love or a kind word to them as they pass by but they need more. I hope you will strongly consider adopting at Lapps, You will not be disappointed in what you see there or the kitty you decide to adopt. Julie with Classycats grooming.

  7. My daughter, Aubrey adopted her cat, Haya 5 years ago from the Humane Society.  Haya has been spayed and has had her front claws removed. She is strictly an indoor cat. Aubrey is about to start her senior year of college in August and move into a house with her fiance the same month. Their baby girl is due in October.  Unfortunately they are not able to have pets at this home. Haya is a sweet, cuddly,  cat who likes to sleep next to someone.  We pray to find a good home for Haya very soon. I can be contacted at this email address.  Donna Mannel

    • Have you had any luck with Haya?  I would love to have a sweet, cuddly, sleeping cat.  I lost my two rescues of 14 years in January a day apart.  What color and hair length does she have?  I have concerns about blending the family with a fairly new, very large cat, we had to take on from my frail elderly mom.  So, as these things go, I was just making contact to check on the situation.  I have always had two or three cats at a time, but I don't know this rescued boy's history.  Has Haya ever been around other animals?  What size is she?  I hope she finds a wonderful home.  Thanks, Brenda

  8. I board my horse at a barn near Goddard, there are a bunch of barn cats out there, many are kittens but most of them are afraid of people.  A young famale cat recently had three kittens all grey tabby striped, two have circle patterns on them.  These kitten are very friendly and playful so was wanting to find them a home where they can be taken care of.  If I didn't have three cats and two dogs of my own I would take them.  I think they are two girls and a boy if anyone wants a sweet little kitten.

  9. I just lost my Siamese car after 12 years. I'd like another one.  Do you have any young Siamese kittens or 1-2 yr olds?

  10. need help with foster care of kittens , neighbors where the kittens are wont help, I could set traps and catch them, if I knew where to take them too, I could use help– dont want to take them to shelter , they will only put them down

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